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September 15th, 2011

05:17 pm:
Club Hell last night was absolutely amazing! It was school girl theme last night because it was that time of year again! I meant an awesome raver friend last night and taught me some new dance moves so i definantly owe him a drink next time he's there. I met up with Angel, Kitty, Kitten, and Jared and we all had a blast. My feet are kinda still swollen from last night and i was tipsy as fuck last night. No regrets. So that night was a great night.

Had classes today but wasn't really feeling up to it so later on tonight, i'm gonna go looking around some of the hottest clubs in Providence for gogo dancing paid work so i'm hoping i can work in one of those ^_^

Was NOT ready for the camera.

September 8th, 2011

09:56 pm:
School started this week and omg, my classes are hella boring! I have so many lecture classes, it's retarded!

I've already been asked how school is goin and blah blah blah lol and it's only been the first week. So far so smooth i guess? Tomorrow, i gotta run some errands to buy some materials for school and for some beauty supplies.

I'm glad my mom made it back home from the hospital yesterday.

Club Hell last night was jumpin as usual and i was very happy to see everyone who wanted to show Troop 2.5 some love ^-^

Now for some reason, i can't seem to upload images here or on Tumblr for some reason. It must be my school's crappy internet connection but thankfully on my spare time, i can still watch anime and read manga online so *shrugs* i don't know. I guess i have to live with not uploading pics of me and friends for awhile until i figure out what's up. T-T

August 28th, 2011

11:23 pm:
Apparently, MA was suppose to be hit w/ a hurricane today but all in all, we didn't get hit that bad at all. All we got was some bad winds but that's about it. *shrugs* While i was home for today, i was doin some packing for school. I go back Sept 5. Now is the week that i time to say bye to my friends in MA until i come back for Thanksgiving w/ the fam.

I realized that i have a serious shopping addiction. It's so bad that i always have to have the need to purchase items online every SINGLE week and it drives me crazy when i don't. Like, i legit get depressed and sad if i don't and when i get depressed, i eat more than usual or i'm jus anti-social for awhile. I plan on getting some professional help on this issue too during the school yr.

As far as my bodily issue as a few of u have asked, i am OKAY ;]

August 22nd, 2011

12:09 am:
School is a couple weeks away and i'm excited as fuck! I move in to my dorm on the 7th and im jus so amped to go back. That's where the most fun will be.

I went to visit Kitty in Providence last week and we had fun like always. We ended up goin to 3 strip clubs and i enjoyed myself pretty much. I actually went there to look for work, and each of the managers have told me to check back w/ them when i come back to school so i believe i will be getting a job when i go back to school, which will be quite convenient!

I've also been feelin a bit uneasy (bodily wise) so i will be heading for the hospital sometime this week to speak w/ my doctor. I'm sure what i'm goin thru is nothin major but i'll jus go for some info. Nothin long and serious. *If you wanna kno what i'm talkin about, inbox me*

August 15th, 2011

12:39 am:
Just a few more weeks till school! >.< I get to visit Kitty this week so that's somethin to look forward to. Jared came back from NY yesterday and he got me a cute, little souvenier. I post a pic of it on tumblr when i get the chance. And Kat gave me some of her things that she was planning to sell, for FREE! I love her but not only for the free anime stuff. She's always been a rly great friend to me. Those free things will also be posted on my tumblr too. I also when to the mall 2 days ago and got a new pink plaid skirt...that Jared loved of course...lol. I've jus been gettin new stuff altogether and i'm happy for it. I was supposed to recieve a package by now from one of my favorite Japanese punk/goth store on Ebay but somethin went wrong w/ USPS so i gotta see what's up at my local post office to see if my packages r there for me to pick up.

August 7th, 2011

11:38 pm:
I've been cookin more often lately, mainly seafood tho and the salmon i cooked for me and Justine was the best i've done so far! That's literally like my signature dish lol. Now, i'm craving seafood more and more now, now that i kno i can cook it.

Apparently, one of the store in MA called Tokyo Kid (an anime store) is bein shut down within 2 week from now and i am hella pissed! Now i have to make an effort to buy as much otaku merchandise as i possibly can before the store closes...for gd. I think the reasons y they r shutting down is because they weren't making enough money. I think the reason for them not making enough money is because they weren't getting anything new for like the past couple yrs. But i rly don't want it to close down now that i still have the money to buy shit.

I realized that only hanging out w/ ppl that ONLY put a smile on my face, makes me more willing to be happy.

August 1st, 2011

10:07 pm:
Just 1 more month away from school! Friends, clubbing, and drinking here i come! :D

I've suddenly have had a fascination w/ otaku room decorations (figurines, posters, wall scrolls, etc.) Going over my friend, Manny's house has helped me w/ that fact...actually. I mean, his room has EVERYTHING that an otaku would want for their room so i'm gonna save up for some posters and otaku merchandise while i still have the money. And i'll buy new clothes/lingerie once a month so that i'm not such a shopaholic. Yes, i'm becoming alot more safe and responsible as far as money goes, and everything else. Blame my mom and sis...lol jk.

July 29th, 2011

12:15 pm:
I've been spoiling myself off lately and man does it feel gd! Lol. I've basically have just been hangin out, missing college life and such. The weather has been pretty decent lately and not too hot for me to not go out. I've been taking better care of myself as far as "beauty" goes and my family is doin alright.

Me and Jared both got paid for doin a video shoot for a site and made a shit load! So that's when the spoiling came about. I ended up buying him a game but in return, he would owe me later. I actually was feelin quite generous yesterday.

July 22nd, 2011

02:00 am:
Today, i start workin on my modeling portfolio and as of today, i am no longer a webcam model. Reason being? I wasn't rly making a damn thing. So i stopped. *shrugs* Plus, it got boring after awhile. So now, i'm job huntin for modeling ^-^

At first, i couldnt find any luck but then i came across Cosplay Deviants. In the beginning, i was rly for that site but then i decided and i was like "*shrugs* Fuck it." Plus i think i'm a damn gd cosplayer so i'm gonna give that a try.

As well as other modeling agencies, i'm still make a portfolio for myself so that i can have the higher possibility of having other agencies want me to model for them. Like, i'm legit tryin to make name for myself in a positive light. ^_^

July 18th, 2011

11:31 pm: InternetModeling.com - Webcam Models Wanted!

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